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Bonsai Show and Sale
October 19 & 20, 2013

Our group held our Bonsai Exhibit and Sale. This was our 25th Anniversary.
This event was held at Pinecrest Gardens ( the old Parrot Jungle).  This is a 
weekend of events. We kicked off the weekend on Friday evening with a Bonsai 
Sponsor Preview Party and then continues on Saturday and Sunday. 

The Garden allows our society to use an area within the park to create a masterpiece display of bonsai trees. In conjunction with our members and the members of nearby bonsai clubs, many trees are provided allowing us to exhibit  some of the finest bonsai trees in South Florida. This exhibit takes more than just trees. Many hours of manpower go into this transformation. From constructing the display tables, to covering backdrops, 
to connecting special effects lighting, to proper tree placement. This takes a lot of planning and coordinating. This main exhibit is only a part of what makes this show a success.
There is three other areas. First is the demonstration and lecture area. We invite local bonsai masters (2 per day) to lecture and demonstrate how to transform a nursery stock tree into a finished bonsai. They give a relatively quick explanation of the basics of Bonsai - tree selection, basic styles, pot selection, soil mixtures, fertilizer and watering. As they lecture, they will work on their tree. Removing it from the nursery pot, looking for good roots, choosing a front for the tree, consider which branches they wish to keep, wiring along with tree placement in the pot. All this and more is done to turn your nursery stock into a bonsai masterpiece. It may take many years to achieve this goal, but with time and continuous refinement, this masterpiece will evolve. Now that our guests have a better explanation of what to look for and how this is achieved, they can go to Our Vendor Sales area. Vendors are provided with an area to display  and sell their goods. They provide an excellent assortment of products.  

Trees - nursery stock, pre-bonsai and finished trees

Pots - a large selection by size, shape & color

Soil - mixtures by the bag

Tools - concave cutters, trimming scissors, etc.

Wire - small packages to large rolls

You will be able to purchase all the materials needed to create a finished bonsai of your own. 

Now, if you really feel you are ready for a challenge, you and take one of our workshops. They are taught by one of our local masters. For a fee, we provide you with a tree, a teacher and an experience. You will need to have your own tools and wire. In the past, many people have walked out with an excellent start to a future finished tree.

As you can tell, our exhibit & sale can help you understand the Art of Bonsai. Many of our members will be available if you have any questions or you may choose to ask one of the vendors. In addition to our show & sale, you may choose to tour the Gardens. 


If you would like to participate as a vendor in this years show, click here for a copy 
of the Vendor's Contract and Rules ( You should print it and mail it in).

Vendor Application - 2013




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